The Mission

I believe that living a compassionate lifestyle extends to how you open yourself to other cultures. If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably a traveler yourself, or want to read about other cultures, and why wouldn’t you when learning about a new culture inevitably leads to delicious food? The Traveling Buddha is an idea I had years ago when I went abroad and couldn’t figure a way to respectfully navigate in a culture I was completely new to, while also not eating meat (which is hugely important, culturally and socially in many countries).

How do you experience, I mean fully submerge yourself in someone else’s culture when you don’t want to eat so much of the same foods as they do? These are exactly the types of discussions I wanted to abridge on this webpage upon its creation. I want to create a space where discussions surrounding not just food but also what it means to lead a compassionate lifestyle in a modern-day individualistic society could be started.

Enjoying a Pina Colada at Playa Catarindo in Mollendo, Peru

I’m hoping the Traveling Buddha will someday evolve to be a large interactive and engaging Vegan lifestyle/travel/cooking blog and forum, where people from all around the world can connect and share their experiences living and walking the world and the struggle to maintain an optimistic and compassionate outlook.

Please send your comments, suggestions, and criticisms through the contact page.

About Myself

I’m a twenty year old Canadian-born student living in the States, currently in my 2nd gap year and I’m taking this opportunity to fully exercise my┬áliberty to do what I please and right now that means building a platform to talk about the world and food and politics and whatever else! I live in a small fishing town called Point Lookout in Long Island, NY. I studied sociology and history at Cegep de Saint-Laurent in Montreal, QC for a whopping 9 months before I decided it was time to do something I was actually interested in. I’m currently finishing up an internship at an amazing nonprofit called Project Vote Smart in Philipsburg, Montana where I do social media management and marketing, as well as design.



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