I should probably explain what I’ve been doing in the middle of nowhere for the past 2 months.

There’s no other place to start than at the very beginning:

When I was 18 years old I moved away from home to start school in the city where everything started for me, Montreal.  It’s where I was born, where I learned how to live on my own, where I learned how to trust and also how not to trust. During my 2nd semester of college ever, in the spring of 2015, all hell broke loose on the streets of Montreal. People with banners singing down the street, walking around traffic and raising their fists were met with police officers in full riot gear, armed with pellet guns and tear gas. We were protesting recent austerity measures that were causing tuition to rise, transportation costs to rise, both of which were directly affecting students, most of which travel by public transit, and threatening retirement security for city employees, as well as the medical programs and government aid that are  put in place for the families of physically and mentally disabled people. These budget cuts are still currently affecting virtually the entire population of Montreal, and at the time, they coincided with salary raises of several government officials. So, that’s where my interest in politics was born. Out of a mess of tear gas and the sound of stomping steel-toed boots marching behind plexiglass body shields.

After the school year ended, I returned to Point Lookout, NY, my home for the last five years. The campaigns for presidency were in full swing upon my return and needless to say, my political concerns in Montreal turned into formulated political stances about the US elections in no time at all. It didn’t take long to reach the shattering realization that misconstrued information is offered up to us consumers like groveling pigs. It’s always been like that, but these elections have been particularly painful. There’s so much resistance against real information these days because nobody can be trusted. You can’t just turn on the TV or the radio for news. You have to actively seek out real information, and even then, you have to be careful what you read. I became passionate about free information when I realized how much money has the amazing ability to bend truth. I applied for an internship at Project Vote Smart soon after.

Vote Smart is a nonpartisan political organization with the mission to provide voters with the information they need to make confident and informed decisions when the time comes to enter the polling booth. Over it’s 24 years of existence, thousands of citizens (conservative and liberal alike) have come together and spent endless hours researching the backgrounds and records of thousands of political candidates and elected officials to make it all available on their website:

The most challenging thing for an organization like Vote Smart is that we are in a political war-zone right now. Everybody is so sensitive, you can’t talk
about anything without having someone go, “Are you a liberal? You sound like a liberal.” or, vice versa. To want to only bring up factual information is in of itself, considered a political stance. Maybe it is. The only reason why people act so bruised is because we are consistently being lied to and manipulated by these campaign giants. Who do you trust? Vote Smart is so badass exactly because our rivals are a bunch a giants who will do anything to misinform the populace. It’s a miracle we’ve actually stood a chance after all these years when all the money keeps pouring into these massive campaigns and not into Vote Smart. The voters are kept in the dark while this trend of deceitfulness, arrogance, and underhandedness becomes common to every young American who never knew  better. Vote Smart relies entirely on its donations and volunteers. This nonprofit organization is located on the Great Divide Ranch in Granite County, Montana.



If you’d like to make a donation to Vote Smart click here. Your donation not only helps keeps American minds out of their asses, but also helps support staff members working tirelessly to help keep democracy alive.