So maybe it’s the narrow cobbled streets and their walls filled with secrets, and especially the food Italy is known for that grabbed my
interest… but Elba, oh Elba and it’s wild Rosemary lazily growing on the side of the road, gloriously soaking us in its scent. Moonlight swimming while being witness to a light show put on just for you as your movements disturb the phosphorescent organisms living in the water. Even the crushing heat lulling us all to our beds for an afternoon nap. All that and more is what made me fall in love with Elba.

marciana-altaA few miles off the coast of Italy, floating in the Tyrrhenian Sea, lives a small island named Elba.

This beautiful Tuscan Island offers incredible views, and culinary experiences like you’ve never imagined. Only 86.5 square miles, it is easy to see the whole island in just a week but I spent three wonderful months cooped up in this small paradise. Read about my experience on Travelicious.World.

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