It’s been almost 8 weeks since I’ve arrived in Montana now, and I have no idea where the days went. The day I arrived to the ranch, I walked down the pebble path towards the pasture, cleared the little stepping bridge and once I reached the clearing, the tears came. I felt an overwhelming sensation of being so insignificant. There’s something about being surrounded by these immense mountains and this big sky covering everything like a blanket (at 6,000 ft in altitude, 1,830 meters, we are quite literally sitting in the sky). It’s not a bad feeling. After having been traveling on my own for so long, at the complete mercy of whatever the world decided to throw at me (ie. being stuck in Sheremetyevo for over 30 hours with no money), it’s hugely relievingΒ to see that of all things, the only rules I truly have to abide by are the ones ofΒ a wonderful, beautiful creation.

Montana is divine.